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Teg Blocks

Teg blocks are to be used with Tegular Tiles. They are inserted around the perimeter of the ceiling above the wall angle (edge trim) on the end of each noggin or T section. This in turn raises the ceiling above the edge trim by the thickness of the tegulation thus avoiding the need to teg or cut a reveal on the edge of the tile. They are made of white flame retardant plastic that are self adhesive.

Product Codes and Sizes:

 Part No.005 -     Narrow Grid 15mm (9/16")          Deep teg 7/8mm (5/16")

Part No.006 -      Narrow Grid 15mm (9/16")          Shallow teg 5/6mm (1/4")

Part No.007-       Wide Grid 24mm (15/16")            Deep teg 7/8mm (5/16")

Part No.008 -      Wide Grid 24mm (15/16")            Shallow teg 5/6mm (1/4")


Bag Quantity: 100

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Teg Blocks (TB)

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