Stucanet (Rendalath)

Stucanet®, formerly known as Rendalath, is the answer for all types of plasterwork and rendering in interior and exterior applications. It is made from welded wire mesh into which a moisture absorbent sheet of chip paper is interwoven. The chip paper assists with the wet adhesion and curing of the mortar and the perforations allow the mortar to perfectly bond around the steel wire resulting in firm anchoring of the mortar.

Sheet Size: 2395 x 705mm

Approx. coverage per sheet: 1.56m2 after overlaps

Finishes: Stainless Steel or Galvanised

Suitable for: Masonry or Timber Frame Application

Approx. number of fixings required: 12-15 per sheet

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Stucanet (Rendalath) (STUCA)

  • Brand: Bekaert
  • Product Code:STUCA

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